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Healing Herbal Lip Butter

Healing herbal lip butter or mineral cosmetics in Saratov
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Infused with the healing melissa herb, Herbal Lip Butter is a complete treat for problem lips and cold sores! Melissa, also known as Lemon Balm and Melissa Officinalis, is a lemony mint well heard for its ability to help relieve and speed the healing of certain skin conditions including cold sores.

Since it takes a large amount of melissa herbs to get a small amount of essential oil, it is a very expensive ingredient but you will be happy to know that we didn't skimp at all... To maximize the theraputic value of this lip butter, we use a very high content of melissa essential oil. It works!

Whether you suffer from cold sore breakouts or just have dry, damaged lips, you will love this lip butter!

  • 4.25g (0.15oz) net weight;

  • supplied in a tube;

  • made of only natural ingredients: organic oils of olive (extra virgin), sunflower and grapeseed, bees wax (filtered), mango butter, and essential oil of melissa;

  • does NOT contain any of micronized minerals, bismuth, cornstarch, talc, lake, сarmine, parabens, plastics, wax, oils or any other chemical additives or conservatives;

  • made in USA;

  • supplied by Signature Minerals.



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