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About us

Welcome to SARATOVSKY Good Service Center!

We aim to live and work in good manner the way we were brought up and tought that is why we called our entity the centre of GOOD services. Since all of our associates were born in Saratov, we live and work in Saratov as well, our activities focus on the needs of Saratov residents, the name of the Center turned up itself: SARATOVSKY.

Our team is made of people welded together by many years of friendship. Together we attended kindergarten, went to school or university, found our first job we grew up TOGETHER. Later on each of us followed his or her own path, made progress in a given field, started up some business. Years flew by, but the fascinating distant past that all of us are from continues to determine our actions and deeds. So we decided to set up this center where life goes on according to human rules, and the work is done with pleasure for ourselves and others.

And one more thing: we stand for the Soviet Union! – for everything best and just it brought to human lives and that keeps on living in all of us. We back up our president, parties and government, as well as any civilian, in all steps aimed at establishing relations between people based on honesty, politeness and desire to help each other. We support strengthening of Russian health and friendly environment, protection of our rich and old culture, pursuing aims that develop the brightest sides of human beings and allow a man to be a creator!

You can find more about our activities in Services and Goods.



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