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Cramanas Aqua Cosmetics

Brine is a saline and mineral lake water. Israeli cosmetics companies were the first to introduce ecotechnologies, including ones to enrich brine for the purposes of reconstructive cosmetology, and made the Dead Sea resources serve mankind. Some time ago the Russian source of beauty and health was discovered in a reserve of Altai.

Many people know the miraculous power of saline and mineral Altai lakes. Once in a year they go pilgrimage there to restore their skin and make it healthier. Even those who have serious skin disorders such as dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis achieve great results.

It's the research work done by associates from Tomsk Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy that opened up unique mineral sources hidden in the heart of Siberia. Their efforts found its application in cooperation with Les Crues Laboratory a French scientific and technical company which explores the nature of birth of life. Ecological compatibility and simplicity of technologies, proximity to the brine source as well as quality control allow to preserve rare natural properties of Cramanas Aqua products.

Multiloop technology by Les Crues Laboratory imitates and intensifies natural influences over the brine in order to regulate the elementary composition and its properties:

  • alpha-brine – by using ultraviolet exposure which strengthens cleaning characteristics of brine;
  • beta-brine – by using electromagnetic cavity which creates additional polarization of brine structure, so penetrating capacity of its elements increases;
  • gamma-brine – by using biogenerator which makes comfortable conditions for the development of protobacteria.

While in technological process, the brine follows both separate cycles and cascaded ones which allows to control its properties. Blending brine of different cycles fine-tunes specific product features.

Cramanas Aqua treatment composition includes both natural minerals and salts, and unique protobacteria that can efficiently restore and protect your skin because of valuable polysaccharide.

Cramanas Aqua cosmetics do not have any artificial chemical agents, so there's absolutely NO way for it to cause any allergy. Hypoallergenic nature of Cramanas Aqua series is also due to the fact that mineral natural salts and biologically active elements of all products are "native" or "one's own" for man.

There are analogs in the market: the Dead Sea cosmetics or thermal mineral waters from Europe (Vichy, Evian) – however they are more expensive. Our line is cheaper than well-known brands, but it offers the same level of quality.



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