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Russian Language Lessons

We give conversational Russian lessons full of energy and originality. You will start speaking even if you have no language aptitude or dislike Russian. The main thing is that there is a pressing NEED for you to talk in Russian be it for studies, work or travel. Please come to us with this need, and we'll try to make it serve you, we'll do our best to teach you to SPEAK not remain silent like a dog that understands everything but just can't say a word ;)

Lessons are given remotely, so distant education is at work here. Means of communication are as follows: Skype, ICQ, email, telephone or others by mutual accord.

The main accent is spoken Russian. We do not aim to load you with grammar. Our focus is more simple: to teach you to express yourself, i.e. to be able to put basic ideas into words in Russian. If you start putting ideas into words, if you keep on going grammar will find its way. Our mission is to hang your tongue well enough never mind that it might be somewhat illiterate at first, but it won't be stagnant, it will be active and lively! ;)

Here are some trump cards of our tutors:

  • 20 to 40 years of language teaching experience
  • hundreds of pleased students who started speaking Russian
  • tangible results provided proper zeal on your part

Do contact us, but first please make up your mind once and for all: I have to speak Russian, I want to master the spoken language, I will be disciplined and active in the classes!





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