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Mineral Makeup Procedure

Mineral make-up is arranged after moisturiser is fully in otherwise cosmetics will go patches, and the whole thing will be ruined.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. primer
  2. foundation
  3. concealer / corrector
  4. bronzer
  5. blush
  6. veil
  7. eye color (eye shade)


1. Primer

It's to strengthen make-up lasting properties and improve your skin pattern. Besides, mineral primer usually provides additional moisture and becomes a barrier between makeup and skin.

Mineral primer is applied by flat concealer brush of taklon (synthetic fiber used in artist-quality brushes). A bit later mineral primer fully merges with skin and becomes invisible, so even its dense layer will not increase the weight of your makeup.

2. Foundation

Mineral foundation makes even your skin tone and hides its little defects: enlarged vasculums, dark tiny spots, freckles, etc. Mineral foundations of different producers vary in covering power which is to a large extent determined by the proportion of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in formula. So covering power can only be established experimentally.

Mineral foundation is applied by Kabuki brush or Flawless brush. The first one looks a bit like a shaving brush: round and dense, with a short handle. The brush is very convenient to rub foundation by circular motions into skin with. Compared to Flawless, it gives denser cover. The Flawless brush is flat and tapered. To accumulate the right amount of mineral foundation on the brush, you just need to shake and turn over a jar with minerals a few times.

If cover density is not sufficient, it's better to add the required number of thin layers in this way your makeup will look more natural and imperceptible on the skin. One but thick layer, even if it masks all drawbacks and saves time, bears a strong resemblance to makeup or mask.

Mineral foundation, when put on a brush, should be distributed thorougly along the whole length of hair: minerals will apply more evenly on your skin then. To achieve that, Kabuki is revolved in a cap or any other appropriate container (glass or porcelain) till all the powder is absorbed in the brush. After that Kabuki should be turned over with its hair up and tapped against hard surface several times gravity force will make mineral particles go down the hairs.

Mineral foundation is applied by circular motions – from face periphery to its center. You do not need to simply put it on the skin, it is to be rubbed in by gentle circle movements. This process is similar to polishing. The more time you spend at this step, the faster minerals will "settle" on your skin and more stable makeup will form. Try not to use exorbitant force – this stretches and traumatizes your skin. Light and soft touches will do. This is the right point when you can find out how good the brush you bought is: its hair should not feel too tough.

3. Concealer / Corrector

If mineral foundation could not hide some defects, then mineral concealer will help. Out of all mineral products, it has the highest covering capacity, so it covers your skin with the thickest layer. If mineral foundation seems to be too transparent, you can mix it with a mineral concealer of the same tone: this will make foundation denser. It is better to buy a mineral concealer of the very same tone as mineral foundation or one tone lighter: darker problem areas are masked easier in this way.

They apply mineral concealer with a special concealer brush of synthetic hair. If the brush happened to take in too much of a concealer, it makes sense to shake it off or rub out in a cap. Mineral concealer is applied pointwise where you need to mask: for instance, papules, broken capillaries, nose wings, or under eyes (there are also special color correctors for the zone).

Too noticeable lines between mineral foundation and mineral concealer can be shaded down by Kabuki with the rest of powder.

4. Bronzer

Mineral bronzer is a shading powder to model your face. It is virtually a mineral foundation, but a few tones darker. Toners make your face look a bit flat, so in order to give it more volume and correct the face oval they use mineral bronzers and highlighters (lighter tones of mineral foundation). This type of correction is based on the fact that darker areas look smaller and more distant, whereas lighter ones are visually expanded and close.

Mineral bronzer is most often applied to side parts of your face in the form of "с" letter: they start with the side part of forehead, then go down to temporal region and run under cheek bone. After that, using a Flawless brush, you can follow your nasal arch and chin projection with the rest of mineral bronzer.

5. Blush

Mineral blush refreshes your skin color and corrects your face oval. Cheek bones or cheek "apples" (the most projected part of your cheek when you smile) are traditional areas to apply mineral blush on.

Special Angled Blush Brush is used when applying mineral blush. The latter is very rich in pigments, so mineral blushes are really economical since you only need their tiny portion on the brush.

A very important point that cannot be omitted is that there are no synthetic colouring agents (aniline derivatives or FD&C Red) in mineral blushes. These agents often provoke pimples.

6. Veil

Mineral veil is optional but highly desirable in mineral make-up. Mineral veil makes your skin pattern even and creates effect of soft focus, so the skin starts shining. Mineral veil belongs to a special group of mineral cosmetics called a finishing cover. The latter includes mineral veils, mineral luminizers and mineral color powders. Finishing cover has no covering capacity: it is almost transparent. You should not try to conceal defects or even out tones with it. Invisible, air light, imperceptible it makes final accents and stresses intricate nuances in mineral make-up.

Mineral veil is applied over the whole face by Flawless brush in polishing circular motions. Pearl veil (luminizer) is to go on to cheeks, forehead, chin and eyebrows.

7. Eye color (eyeshadow)

We offer a huge selection of mineral eye colors they will make your flawless makeup complete. Thanks to intensive rich tones, as well as great fixing properties, mineral eyeshadows apply ideally and keep stable on your lid surface for quite some time. Do create new seductive images according to your mood: add more light, colours and brilliance, make your eyes even more expressive!


Finally, mineral make-up can be fixed by spraying thermal or mineral or tonic water on. This will both stabilize it and allow mineral cosmetics "settle" faster on your skin. If applied right, mineral make-up is almost indiscernible on the skin, it melts into it. To achieve that, you need to wait 30 to 90 minutes: during this time minerals will mix with skin fat, and their excess fall off from tiny hairs.

All mineral makeup takes 15-20 minutes.




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