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The Year Saratov Was Founded

Original record on the foundation of Saratov

Original record on the foundation of Saratov made by priest Denis Ivanov at the end of 16 century on a page of the Gospel.













Year Saratov was founded

The town foundation dated 7098 – according to chronology that our ancestors had been loyal to before reforms put through by bustler Peter the Great who crossed out 5508 years from the latest history of Russia.

People's memory and chronicle however turned out to be stronger and carried through millennia information about bygone times. After the heaviest, bloodiest, and long war, on the day of autumnal equinox (when our forefathers celebrated new year), Aceur ("ace" means "god living on the Earth", "ur" means "fertile soil" or "land of plenty") who was a leader of Light RASA (abbreviation from Races of Aces of the State of Aces) – the oldest Russia, and Ariman who was a ruler of Arimia (the oldest China) concluded a peace treaty between the belligerent powers: the Grand Rasa (Rassenia) and the Grand Dragon (Arimia) – and thus created the world peace. Every human being rejoiced this event so much that our ancestors decided to keep records of years from that day on. So this is how chronology from the Creation of the Peace in the Star Temple or CPST (SMZH in Russian) appeared.

Let us analyze the first two words of the record: "Leto" (year) and "7098".


Year in letters Saratov was founded

The first one speaks for itself: our forefathers kept record of the rotation of the Earth around the Sun by letos (years) and made letochronicles of earthly affairs. Leto comprised three seasons: winter, spring, and autumn, or 9 sorokovniks (months) – 40 days in each even, and 41 days in each odd.

To letter numbers the Slavs used letters themselves, so every numeral corresponded to a letter: numeral 7 to letter "з", numeral 9 to letter "Ѳ", numeral 90 to letter "ч", numeral 8 to letter "и", whereas "zero" was put down as a space.

Denis was not a great scrivener, so he, particularly, did not space letters "з" and "ч", and used letter "ч" (numeral 90) in place of "Ѳ" (numeral 9). But on the whole Denis coped with the task well and made a formal record of the date Saratov was founded in a source that lived through till our days.







Old Russian letters and numerals

Names, meaning and designation of letters and numerals of the Old Russian alphabet.











Cyrillic numerals on the face of the clock

Here is an example of still working old clock with Cyrillic numerals at a tower of kremlin in the town of Suzdal, Russia.

Before reforms of Peter the Great the Cyrillic letters were generally put at a dial of the clock, including towers of the Kremlin in Moscow: the Spasskaya Tower (the Frolovskaya Tower earlier), the Tainitskaya Tower, the Troitskaya Tower, the Nikolskaya Tower.












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