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WebMoney Passports

Initial Passport is issued to a WebMoney Transfer user who has a Formal Passport after the user ID verification. An Initial Passport holder enjoys additional benefits:

  • fewer limits to buy and withdraw WMR via WebMoney gateways;
  • fewer limits and less commission to withdraw WMZ to bank cards acquired through Сards WebMoney Transfer;
  • participation in the Capitaller system (access to budget automation service);
  • publication of news in the WebMoney News Blog;
  • restore rights to a WebMoney ID even in case secure keys and/or purse files are lost.

Initial Passports are issued by our Center at 10 WMZ.



  1. Please run WebMoney Keeper.
  2. Open WebMoney Passport Center page: and choose "Login" next to WMID (top left corner under "WebMoney Passport" logo).
  3. Push "Edit" next to "Personal details" in your passport Control panel and enter all appropriate data. Please be accurate and provide only true and valid personal data: misprints and inaccuracies slow down your new passport issue! Then press "Save".
  4. Get back to the Control panel and select "Receive an Initial Passport".
  5. Find us on the page wtih a list of WebMoney verification agents (you can search by сity).
  6. Get back to the Control panel, push the "Pay" button and pay.
  7. If you are OK, your passport page will show: "Passport has been paid, waiting for Registrar's authorization check".
  8. Contact us to make an appointment. Please prepare the following papers BEFORE visiting us:
  • completed Application for a WebMoney Transfer Verified Passport – please do NOT sign the application!
  • your ID photocopy (pages with photo and address) – there is NO need to notarize the photocopy!
  1. At your appointment you will have to show us your ID ORIGINAL as well as give us your Application for a WebMoney Transfer Verified Passport, and your ID photocopy.
  2. Your passport will be issued within 24 hours. If you have any questions with regard to WebMoney Initial Passports, please feel free to get in touch with us!


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