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What is a German car for us?

Due to globalization processes, the meaning of "a German car" became less transparent than it used to be, so additional explanation is required.

More often than not they call our car junkyard and say that they drive, for instance, an American brand vehicle made at a plant in Germany, so they believe they have a German car and thus should be treated as our customers to get well deserved used spares :)

Here are the three main criteria according to which we separate German automobiles from non-German automobiles:

  • the BRAND of a car must be founded in Germany, i.e. historical roots of the brand should be in the German land;
  • the headquarters of a car BRAND must be located in Germany;
  • the share of a German enterprise that satisfies both criteria above in business and production of historically non-German vehicle should be close to 100%.

It's by the last criterion, for example, that Skoda is considered to be a German car by us because the German Volkswagen Audi Gruppe (VAG) share in it is 100%.

We also take all cars that used to meet any of the criteria mentioned above to be German whose production was moved to other countries – with changes to a car name and/or its body style. That is why, for instance, Daewoo Nexia is considered by us to be a German car because it is a development of the German Opel Kadett E vehicle.



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